“I want to lead a spiritual life – but …..


the real world is intervening!”

This is a feeling experienced by many people – including me. Often we lament about not having enough time for meditating and connecting with our higher self, guides, the celestial realm etc as we have deadlines, children, household chores, etc etc.

The answer I often get that is whispered with love is “When you do take that time to connect with your higher self and your guides, angels who are around to help and boost you – everything about your real world can magically transform, evolve. Time can expand, tasks will be simplified and solutions appear. It is when you doubt in your innate powers and abilities that you can stuck in a rut, unable to balance, enjoying neither your sustenance in real life and the sustenance you may be receiving from delving into your 5th dimensional existence.”

It is true. If one really trusted the messages and affirmations that we receive, wouldn’t take make our every step aligned to fulfilling our purpose in life, the soul stirrings that keep us discontent?

So – take that 20 minutes or so and revive, rekindle and re-mind yourself that you are much more that this body. Create magic because you are born to perform miracles.




Why pain?


Many of us spend our whole lives running from feeling, with the mistaken belief that you cannot bear the pain. But you have already borne the pain. What you have not done is feel all you are beyond that pain.

Kahlil Gibran, Lebanese Poet

I had a delightfully painful experience yesterday and I wanted to blog about but it slipped my mind till I was ‘reminded’ gently by the Universe when I saw one of my old self made posters with the quote above.

I was hanging my clothes and drifting, dreaming. I have no clue where my mind was or what I was thinking and suddenly a peg ‘bit’ me. The unexpectant pain brought me crashing back into the moment, the NOW.

Increasingly, that’s the message that is being sent by the Wise Ones. Empty your mind and really be in the moment. So my epiphany is that pain is necessary – to bring us back into LIFE – NOW!

It is clear, spiritually, emotionally, even medically that dis-ease and dis-comfort are ways for the body to signal to us, loud and clear that there are issues that we have overlooked that need to be dealt with.

So, it is my reminder to myself to live in the NOW, relinquishing the past and forsaking the future. Because Now will Illuminates both the Past and the Future, but if I can experience it.

And here’s the excerpt from The Prophet by Gibran on Pain.

Your pain is the breaking of the shell
that encloses your understanding.

Even as the stone of the fruit must break,that its
heart may stand in the sun, so must you know pain.

And could you keep your heart in wonder
at the daily miracles of your life, your pain
would not seem less wondrous than your joy;

And you would accept the seasons of your
heart, even as you have always accepted
the seasons that pass over your fields.

And you would watch with serenity
through the winters of your grief.

Much of your pain is self-chosen.

It is the bitter potion by which the
physician within you heals your sick self.

Therefore trust the physician, and drink
his remedy in silence and tranquillity:

For his hand, though heavy and hard, is guided
by the tender hand of the Unseen,
And the cup he brings, though it burn your lips,
has been fashioned of the clay which the Potter
has moistened with His own sacred tears.

– Kahlil Gibran

Our worth


Beautiful writing from dailyom

September 13, 2011
An Unwavering Connection to the Infinite Worth

Your worth is not a product of your intelligence, your talent, your looks, or how much you have accomplished.

Though much of who and what we are changes as we journey through life, our inherent worth remains constant. While the term self-worth is often used interchangeably with self-esteem, the two qualities are inherently different. Self-esteem is the measure of how you feel about yourself at a given moment in time. Your worth, however, is not a product of your intelligence, your talent, your looks, your good works, or how much you have accomplished. Rather it is immeasurable and unchanging manifestation of your eternal and infinite oneness with the universe. It represents the cornerstone of the dual foundations of optimism and self-belief. Your worth cannot be taken from you or damaged by life’s rigors, yet it can easily be forgotten or even actively ignored. By regularly acknowledging your self-worth, you can ensure that you never forget what an important, beloved, and special part of the universe you are.

You are born worthy—your worth is intertwined with your very being. Your concept of your own self-worth is thus reinforced by your actions. Each time you endeavor to appreciate yourself, treat yourself kindly, define your personal boundaries, be proactive in seeing that your needs are met, and broaden your horizons, you express your recognition of your innate value. During those periods when you have lost sight of your worth, you will likely feel mired in depression, insecurity, and a lack of confidence. You’ll pursue a counterfeit worth based on judgment rather than the beauty that resides within. When you feel worthy, however, you will accept yourself without hesitation. It is your worth as an individual who is simultaneously interconnected with all living beings that allows you to be happy, confident, and motivated. Because your conception of your worth is not based on the fulfillment of expectations, you’ll see your mistakes and failures as just another part of life’s jo! urney.

Human beings are very much like drops of water in an endless ocean. Our worth comes from our role as distinct individuals as well as our role as an integral part of something larger than ourselves. Simply awakening to this concept can help you rediscover the copious and awe-inspiring worth within each and every one of us.



I have two quotes on my wall in my study room. One, Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, and the other is the below, an excerpt from Paulo Coelho’s book, The Valkyries. Below is the quote.

“Our defects, our dangerous depths, our suppressed hatreds, our moments of weakness and desperation – all are unimportant. If what we want to do is to heal ourselves first, so that then we can go in search of our dreams, we will NEVER reach paradise.

If, on the other hand, we accept all that is wrong about us – and despite it, believe that we are deserving of a happy life – then we will have thrown open an immense window that will allow Love to enter. Little by little our defects will disappear, because one who is happy can look at the world only with LOVE – the force that regenerates everything that exists in the Universe.”



All of us have numerous gifts and talents. Many acquired through the lives that we have led through lifetimes. Yet, the soul chooses to go through the land of forgetfulness to put aside all that to reincarnate in this present day body.

Why you ask? Because it is only through this avatar that the soul is able to experience maximum growth. The Earth School is a wonderful place to test and mold don’t you think?

Yet, in this human flesh, doubt creeps in ever so often. It’s as if the moment I reach a stage of knowingness, there is a challenge that is thrown at me to test my faith.

Today, after my meditation, I acknowledged to God the moments of doubt and lack of faith that creeps in. I asked him what do I do with that. The answer was loud, lucid and loving.

The Voice said, “If you remembered everything, what will your life be like?” and I saw flashing in front of my eyes,many past lifetimes. The feeling that I am really an ancient soul settled over me. I felt the power of my strength and wisdom hiding being the veil.

From this moment, I choose to operate from that knowingness and wisdom. The heart knows what the mind cannot fathom. The true essence of me knows everything and as Thoth stated, let the doubts be transformed into radiant light.

Unicorns come calling


Recently, I’ve been meditating, seeking some guidance on the healing services that I am supposed to offer. During one such meditation, I felt the presence of my unicorn. Recently, I have been connecting with the energies of the unicorns much more easily and instantly.

I felt my unicorn arrive by my side, and I was led to place my hands on my solar plexus and the beautific unicorn placed his horn spiral on my hand and sent amazing healing energy through my hands. I was then informed that the healing that I will offer will include the energies of these divine and mysterious creatures. I was thrilled but it felt right.

All the while, though I know that I will be working with the high vibrational energies of ascended masters, goddesses and the angels, I felt that I was waiting for something more. The mystery is solved. Finally, after a few days of procrastination (and dealing with the fears that surface), today I was ready to put into words the healing work I am meant to do. Before I started, I went onto Diana Cooper’s website and instead of going to the unicorn deck, I felt like using the atlantis deck. Today’s card is attached here. Need I say more? *smile*

In bliss with God


Every cell and pore of me has been searching for the connection.

Longing to make sense out of the chaos.

To emerge from the shadows.

To be a light.

Within the framework of the faith I am born into – Islam.

With every discovery I have made in my spiritual journey, especially of late, there’s been a feeling – “there is more”. That I could connect the dots.

Today I have.

My heart chakra just expanded a thousand fold and I felt as moved as I was when I was standing in front of the Lords of Amenti during Judy’s channelling of the Secret of Secrets by Thoth the Atlantean.

The whole world just merged into one.

Okay I’ll stop being cryptic. I have often wondered that I am easily able to connect with the joy and love that many faith. It has been a little bit more uphill with Islam, which is now unfortunately shrouded in many archaic cultural beliefs. I’ve always known that Sufism is the esoteric branch of Islam that will speak the language of my heart. I followed my heart today and I just googled a few words that have been imprinted in my head recently as divine/angelic messages.

Sufi and Dzikir (or zikir)

You can easily find information of what these words mean but here is a brief description.

Sufism – the Science of Perfecting Awareness and part of this is Zikir.
This is the journey for those who search for the real soul for themselves and for the heart. It is the walking on the Path which leads to the knowing of who you are and Who Allah is, which is one and the same thing.

I want to give you the key to open the door of the Path so that you can live inside it. When you live inside it, then you are a Sufi and you begin to be complete. The Sufi is the person who searches for completion and for the Truth of Allah.(Source : http://www.suficenter.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=64:what-does-the-word-sufi-mean&catid=15:teachings&Itemid=6)

Dzikir – Essentially, the practice of dhikr is a form of prayer in which the Muslim will express his or her remembrance of God either within or overtly; this may come in the form of recitation, lyrical chanting, or simply always remembering God in one’s heart. In tasawwuf (Islamic mysticism or Sufism) dhikr is most likely the most frequent form of prayer. Among the orders of Muslims that practice dhikr, there are some who advocate silent, individual prayer, while others join together in an outward, group expression of their love for God (Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dhikr)

I didn’t really have a clear idea of what zikir in a sufi setting would be and went to youtube. This is what reduced me to tears.

Video Link – Sufi Zikir

Saw very clearly similarity between this and Ruth Tai speaking about Haka.

Video Link :
Ruth Tai on Haka

I am in love and in bliss with God. Ameen.